Yes! Our Green Choices Really Do Matter

So, you think your individual sustainable choices won’t really have an impact on climate change? Actually, research shows they do. According to Robert Frank, author of “Putting Peer Pressure to Work” (2020), our voluntary environmental actions are significant for two reasons. First, they have the power to shift how the people around us behave. People who see you using reusable shopping bags may consider doing the same. Second, and perhaps more importantly, our sustainable choices make us much more likely to vote greener and support large-scale policies needed to slow climate change.

Here are some highly visible green choices you can make, model, and have conversations about:

  1. Recycle well and help others do the same at the curb and the recycling center. Keep in mind recycling errors can contaminate portions of otherwise recyclable material.
  2. Walk and cycle to travel around your community; this may inspire drivers to ditch their cars and do likewise.
  3. Participate in community clean-ups in a group or by yourself. Rent grabbers and supplies from Recycle Utah! Removing litter helps keep storm water clean. Others may notice how nice trash-free roadsides look and participate.
  4. Participate in activities, attend events, and join organizations that advocate for climate change solutions. Go public by wearing their clothing and using their swag.
  5. Keep up with information about our climate crisis. Make some sustainable choices and get passionate!


By Bev Harrison