What Goes In The Bin?

During these past few months of social distancing, staff at Recycle Utah have been busy developing their on-line education program with lots of new videos. These are created to help educate our community about everything from composting at home to sustainability lessons for children. They can be viewed on both their website under the Learn tab and on their Facebook page.

One video in the collection I found very helpful is entitled, “Answers to Questions on Hard-to-Recycle Items.” There’s a lot of packaging out there and unfortunately not everything can be recycled. Non-recyclable items (Both in your curbside bin and at the Recycle Utah Center) include items made of more than one material. These include: Tetra-Pak containers, used for things like almond milk, soups and broth; shipping envelopes that have both paper and plastic; foil-lined cardboard food containers and chip bags that are also foil lined. Since these materials are mixed, they unfortunately need to go in the trash bin. If you’re unsure about an item, give their friendly team a call and they can help you out. Don’t put something in your curbside recycling bin if you’re uncertain about it, as it can contaminate the entire load.


Some Hard to Recycle items I found out that the Recycle Utah Center accepts that can’t be placed in your Summit County Curbside Recycling Bin include:

Batteries, contact lenses, toothbrushes and tooth paste tubes, ink cartridges and toner, bras, instrument strings, reading glasses, old cell phones, remote controls, CD’s, DVD’s and so much more… whew, that’s amazing!

Recycle Utah, your community non-profit drop-off recycling center, provides these weekly tips.