Sponsor a Bin

Bin Sponsorships guarantee support for Recycle Utah.
In exchange, we guarantee advertisement for your business.

The Bin Sponsorship Program was established to help offset the cost of the collection bins used for collecting and hauling recyclable materials to their markets. By recycling these resources, we reduce air and water pollution, prevent precious resources from entering the landfill, and conserve our dwindling natural resources. Unfortunately, recycling is expensive.

High transportation costs and no or low-market values for recyclable materials means we need to constantly invest in our environment. When a collection bin is sponsored by a business, the company name and logo appear on a sign attached to the front of the collection bin. By sponsoring our bins, you advertise your business to the community as a leader in preserving the quality of life in Summit County.

Not only is bin sponsorship good for your business, it’s good for ours as well. When Recycle Utah can show that we are supported by our community—individuals and businesses alike—we are much more likely to receive funding from government and private grantors. Your sponsorship is worth more than just the cost of the bin; it helps keep our organization running.

Recycle Utah is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax number is 87-0480848. Full bin sponsorship is $2,400 per year. Co-sponsorship with another non-competitive business is $1,200 per year. The contract is for one year, with the option to renew for the year.

Bin Sponsorships range from $250 – $2400 depending on bin location. See 2022 Bin Sponsorship Benefits for more information.

For more information, sign up here

For more information, contact Addison Marr at outreach@recycleutah.org.

2022 Bin Sponsors:
Large bin sponsors with logos on front web page and name/link to business on Bin Sponsor Page:

Dr. Ember Conley and Ari Ioannides

Medium and small bin sponsor with name/link to business on Bin Sponsor page:

Jennifer Gardner and Ken Dorman