Sensible Fitness: SBSRD

Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District (SBSRD), established in 1986, has indeed proven credibility over the years with its commitment to our diverse parks, trails, fieldhouse facility and more. Not only does this cherished organization sustain our community’s needs and desires by consistently adding and improving trails, classes and camps, but they are also dedicated behind the scenes to be environmental and socially responsible. 

SBSRD joined the Green Business program two years ago with four initial goals: to reduce paper usage through receipts, registrations and more, reduce paper towel usage by installing hand dryers at all trailheads, expand recycling and improve signage at fields and parks and include sustainable presentations at quarterly staff meetings to engage staff. 

Our local recreation center is not only exceeding with their initial goals, but they are trending in other areas, too. Staff are encouraged to carpool or use SBSRD’s newly purchased electric bikes for around-the-town use, LED lights are replacing all primitive incandescents or CFL’s and all cleaning materials are eco-friendly with PathoSans. The pool at the fieldhouse uses splash guards to ensure minimal water is wasted and lastly, SBSRD has given over $30,000 in scholarships/year in recent years to help assure equality for all. 

This well managed center overseeing 2,000 acres of open space, maintaining 150 miles of trails and managing an 87,000-square foot facility is conscientious and progressive. We are truly fortunate to have SBSRD in our community.

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