People’s Choice Award: Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley

Deer Valley Ski Resort became official in 1981 with a pledge to excellence in everything they do, including devotion to our environment. The resort joined the Green Business program in February 2017 with the following goals:

  1. Reduce idling of company vehicles by increasing idling signage in loading zones, reminding directors of ordinance and Increase coverage of DV’s idling policy in all training materials.  
  2. Increase recycling by 10% due to easier method for staff and create a staff training program
  3. Standardize method for tracking all resort utilities: 1. High efficiency/Energy Star equipment, 2. Vehicle, snowmaking, grooming, etc equipment, 3. Recycling, trash, composting etc. 4. Create a five-year map to sustainability for the resort.

Deer Valley is sincerely committed to sustainability. They have picked up steam with waste management. Numerous materials are recycled daily with new signs, instruction and staff training. Food waste from the kitchens is composted and most paper products contain post-consumer content. Most lights are LED and high efficiency snow-making guns and pumps are added yearly.

Additional Comments From Deer Valley

Deer Valley now composts –this summer 63,000 lbs of food were diverted from the landfill in four months. 100% of to-go containers are composted, most from outdoor summer concerts. Plastic straws have been replaced with paper and plastic reusable/washable cups are slowly replacing disposables at ski lodges and all restaurants use reusable/washable china, glassware and silver. 25% of DV’s waste stream is diverted through recycling efforts. Staff training is thorough and often. LED upgrades will be complete resort-wide by 2020 – so far saving over 850,000 kWh per year. High efficiency snow-making guns are added to fleet each year and 85% of resort fireplaces have been converted to gas. Free bus passes are offered to SLC staff and DV buses to Heber staff.  In the future, more LED upgrades, extended community collaboration, new boilers, and more nixing of plastic water bottles.