Park City Storage Down to Earth

By Mary Closser

Park City Storage opened its doors in 2009 with a mission to keep possessions safe and help make relocation easy. Locally owned and community focused, this down-to-earth business is an ideal fit for the green business program as they’re eager to be the best they can.  

Space is vast and well lighted at Park City Storage so their first move was to start replacing bulbs with LED – they’re now 100% complete. They have upgraded all paper products to 50% recyclable but better yet, reduced paper by transitioning certain documents to digital. Daily heat has been lowered to 67 from 70 and they’re soon to be audited to learn what more then can do to reduce their energy footprint.

Plastic products have been replaced with paper or reusables, and communication has been enhanced to include green tips for tenants and visitors through in-house postings, emails, on receipts and more. Landscaping is water-wise, chock full of native plants intended for desert climates, procurement chains are carefully watched for excess packaging waste and cleaning materials are eco-friendly.

Park City Storage is open-minded and dedicated to being involved with our community’s conservation goals – we are excited to see what they come up with next! Thank you Park City Storage for your zest and desire to be green.

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698 x13.