Paper Shredder

Recycle Utah’s Self-Serve Paper Shredder

recycle-utah-paper-shredder-park-city-recycling-centerLocated behind the white paper bin, it’s an efficient and easy-to-use machine. It’s a great resource for small businesses, schools, and households. The shredder is accessible during our regular business hours.

This is a service for the residents of Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Fees apply to paper shredder:

$1 minimum :: $5 for 15 minutes or more :: $10 per hour

A few shredder rules:

  • Max 20-30 pages per load. It might be a big machine, but it does get jammed!
  • Don’t shred any CDs, DVDs, brightly colored paper, magazines, or plastic, please.
  • No paper clips or binder clips. Staples are okay.
  • Turn the shredder OFF when you’re finished.
  • Dump your shredded paper in the WHITE PAPER bin. (Please do not put shredded paper in the MIXED PAPER bin.)

The self-serve paper shredder would not be possible without the support of The Lund Family Foundation.