More Water, Less Bottles

When it comes to drinking water on the go, people have many options. The worst choice, in terms of the environment, economics and personal health is single use bottled water. Today, the average cost of a single bottle of water is $1.45. Americans spend $11.8 billion dollars annually on bottled water and we average 167 bottles per person annually. On the other hand, tap water is essentially “free” and putting it in a refillable water bottle only uses…one bottle, or perhaps a few per year, depending on how many we lose or “upgrade.”

Park City consistently has drinking water quality that meets Utah and EPA water quality standards. Lead and copper levels are well below regulatory action standards. And all public drinking water treatment and disinfection systems continuously safeguard people against water-borne viral infections, including coronavirus. Are you assured of the highest quality and safety of water when it comes from “somewhere” the water source and bottling manufacturing plant are located?

For a few reasons, you are making a good environmental choice by filling your reusable water bottle with tap water. You are supporting reduced use of natural resources, lower emission of harmful gases associated with the manufacturing, packaging and transport of bottled water. More than ever, we need more of us making good environmental choices. Littered water bottles are a scourge on our trails and roadsides; in parks and on beaches. Do we pick up others’ discarded water bottles and recycle them?

If you haven’t already, get in the habit of bringing your water bottle with you and make it easy to enjoy the health benefits of hydrating more. You can stick with tap water in your Nalgene bottle, or choose a newer insulated one with some added ice and maybe, a dash of citrus. On the go, bring your car keys, your bike helmet, and don’t forget your water bottle.