Materials Accepted

Recycle Utah accepts all major recyclables as well as many hard-to-recycle items. All items must be sorted before being dropped off at the center. 
Click on the material for more information regarding what is acceptable and when.

Other services and collections:

Click here to view our 2017 Guide to Responsible Recycling in Summit County.

Acryclic CD Cases
Drop just inside the office door. Please remove paper and cds first.

Aluminum Cans
We have a white super sack just for aluminum cans located between the glass bins and the mixed metal bin, on the east side of the parking lot. Please do not put steel cans, glass, or any other material into this sack. It is for aluminum cans only. Our aluminum is baled on sight and recycled with a local metal recycler.
Hint 1: If you can crush the can with one hand, it’s aluminum. If it’s too stiff to crush with one hand, it’s steel and goes in the mixed metal bin.
Hint 2: Crushed cans take up less space, which means it’s more economical for us. Please crush your cans before recycling!

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American Flags
Flags are respectfully retired by the local Boy Scout troops. Drop off inside the office.

We accept ANY kind of battery. Alkaline, nine volt, rechargeable, and car batteries. Drop-off bins are inside our office, separated by alkaline, rechargeable, and large batteries. Save time at the center by sorting your batteries at home. After hours, drop all batteries in the bucket just outside the door and we will sort them.
Alkaline batteries are taken to the household hazardous waste collection at the landfill.

Bike Tires and Inner Tubes
Only accepted during the summer months. Collection bin next to the plastics tent.
Tubes and tires are sent to the Holcim cement plant, where they are burned in a kiln to help power the plant.

We collect clean, usable bras to send to The Bra Recyclers. They are distributed to women in need. Our collection box is behind the counter in our front office.

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Cables and Chargers
We accept any kind of cable, cord, or charger. If your cords are no longer functioning, they can go in with the electronic waste. If they are functioning, there is separate bin so that others may purchase them.

We accept corrugated cardboard, paperboard, cardboard egg cartons, and brown paper bags. Please remove all paper, plastic, Styrofoam, and other materials that are not cardboard.

Cardboard is baled on sight as well as compacted. If the compacting machine next to the office is blocked off, please do not thow materials in it. Use the blue carts provided. For oversized boxes and large loads of cardboard, please see an employee for instructions to put it directly in our baler.

Moving Boxes: We sell moving boxes in good condition for re-use. Let us know if you have usable moving boxes and we’ll show you where they go.

Discs are collected in a bin just inside the office door. Please remove them from any casing and recycle accordingly.

Please note: VHS tapes are not recyclable unless completely dismantled.

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Cell Phones and iPods
Collected in a bin just inside the door. They are de-manufacturing to reclaim recyclable materials and disposes of hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury.

CFL Light Bulbs
CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs are taken to the household hazardous waste facility at the Summit County landfill. They have small amounts of mercury in them and should never be thrown away. Look for a cardboard box inside the office labled CFLs.

Because we are a non-profit with limited resources, we encourage people, especially those living in Snyderville Basin, to take their e-waste, to Best Buy in New Park at Kimball Jct., which also uses a certified recycler. Click here for more info (e-waste_disposal page)

We accept many electronics for recycling, including TVs, computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, phones, microwaves and stereo and video equipment.  Fee’s apply to all electronics ($5-$25).  We pay to have electronics recycled by weight so items are priced accordingly. Collection bins are located inside our Warehouse.

E-waste is recycled with a Utah-based, E-Steward certified company that dismantles electronics to recover recyclable materials and dispose of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium.

We do not re-sell electronics. We do not offer hard drive cleaning.

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EPS Styrofoam
We can only accept clean packing foam. We do not accept food trays, take-out containers, or styrofoam egg cartons. Packing peanuts are collected separately with moving boxes and bubble wrap for reuse.

EPS Styrofoam is processed on site in our densifying machine. This shreds and compacts the styrofoam into long bricks that are re-used for construction purposes.

Eye Glasses
Eye glasses are collected for the Hope Alliance in a small wooden box just inside the office door, beneath the battery buckets.

Fluorescent Light Tubes
Fluorescent light tubes are collected inside the office and are taken to the household hazardous waste facility at the landfill. We accept tubes up to 6 feet long.

We accept brown, green, clear, and blue glass bottles and containers. Our collection bins are sorted by brown, clear and green together, and blue. Please remove lids, caps, and corks and recycle in the buckets provided.

We DO NOT accept window panes, mirrors, ceramics, or pyrex for recycling.

Glass is recycled with Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City.

Helpful Hint: Labels are ok to leave on.

Check out this great guide to glass recycling!

Recycle Utah’s Glass Video can be found here!

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Guitar Strings
We can accept metal guitar strings inside the office, behind the counter.

Household Grease
There is a barrel for fats and oils located behind the brown glass bin. Cooking oils only. No motor oil! This is only accepted in the summer months.

Used to power biodiesel vehicles.

Ink Cartridges
Collected just inside the office door.

Our Mixed Metal bin is for ferrous metals such as iron, steel, and tin. Large, non-working appliances such as washers and dryers, water heaters, and microwaves may be recycled in this bin due to the large content of metal. Non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass, are collected separately. Please see an employee.

Pallet collection is a summer program only. We accept standard-sized pallet to be processed into pellets for pellet-burning stoves.  We do not accept pallets from businesses.

• White or light-colored office paper is collected in the bin labeled “White Paper”. This paper may be shredded. White paper is recycled into more white paper.
• All other paper, including newspaper, colored paper, junk mail, phone books, magazines, catalogs, hardback and soft cover books, photographs, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and brown paper bags should go in the bin labeled “Mixed Paper”. Please do not put shredded paper in this bin. Mixed paper is turned into insulation through a refined shredding process.

Helpful Hint: If it doesn’t rip, it’s not paper! Please do not to put things that are coated in plastic into the paper bins, even if they look like paper (i.e. pet food bags). Try the rip test is you’re not sure.

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Planter Pots
During the summer months, plastic planter pots of all colors and sizes are collected next to the plastics tent. They may also be dropped year-round in the #2-7 collection. Double check the number on the bottom if you’re not sure which collection bag they should go in.

The plastics tent is located on the south edge of the parking lot, across from the office door. At Recycle Utah, we sort our plastics into 5 categories for more effective recycling. Please sort your plastics by the following guidelines:

Drink Bottles:  These are often single-use water or soda bottles, however there are a variety of #1 colors and shapes, but we are only looking for drink bottles here. These plastics are recycled into fibers and fabrics such as fleece and carpeting. Do not put clam shells, anything marked #1 that’s not a drink bottle, or clear fruit containers in here. They go in #3-7.

Milk Jugs: This bag is for foggy, uncolored containers. The best examples are milk and juice jugs. We collect these separately because they can be recycled into more #2 translucent containers.

#3-#7: This bag is for all hard plastics with a #3 or above. Colored and white #3 plastic containers go in here, along with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 of any color. There are two exceptions:

  • Plastic bags with a #2 or #4 should be recycled with the plastic bags, not with the hard plastics.
  • Styrofoam food containers labeled with a PS #6 are not collected at this facility. Despite the “recycle” symbol on them, we have not found any suitable recycling options for this material.

Plastic bags: This bag is for all plastic bags, plastic films, or plastic sheeting, whether it has a number or not. The spongy, plastic foam that sometimes comes in place of traditional Styrofoam may also be placed in this bag.

Caps: Under the sorting bench are two blue containers for caps and tops. Although most bottle caps are a #5 plastic, they are too small to be baled in our facility, so we keep them separate.

Oversized plastics such as lawn chairs and bins are stored separately. Please ask an employee where to drop them.

If you’re not sure what kind of plastic you have or where it goes, please ask!

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Ski and Snowboard Equipment

We run a collection for skis, snowboards, and poles. Collections start November 1 and end in the spring.

If you do not wish for your gear to be recycled, consider dropping it off at a thrift store or selling it at a ski swap.

Learn more here!

Thermometers and Thermostats

These materials contain mercury and should not be thrown out. We have a collection bucket inside the office, which is taken to the household hazardous materials collection at the Summit County landfill.

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Now accepting window panes in our green/clear glass bin.  Please consult staff before throwing into bin.