Lesson Plans


  • Think Earth: Respecting Mother Earth

First Grade

  • Think Earth: Recycling and Conservation, Think Earth First!
  • Recycling Relay Race: A sorting game to identify recyclable materials
  • Think Earth: A collection of activities designed to get kids thinking about the Earth and why we need to take care of it

Second Grade

  • Think Earth: Recycling and Conservation, Our Landfill is Full!

Third Grade

  • Think Earth: Waste Reduction and Conservation/Composting
  • Alternative Trees: Why we love trees and the multiple products we get from them
  • Solar Matters: learn about the sun’s relationship to Earth (from Florida Solar Energy Center, Grades 3-5)
  • Ice Cube Race: Melt ice cubes and learn (from the state of Florida, grades 3-5)

Fourth Grade

  • Think Earth: Water and Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Healthy Snacks, Healthy Packaging: Learn how consumer marketing influences product packaging and how to buy snacks wisely
  • Good Plants/Bad Plants: Learn why non-native plants should be controlled in our desert environment

Fifth Grade

  • Think Earth: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Footprinting
  • Global Warming Wheel Card (from the EPA)

Sixth-Seventh Grade

  • Food Waste/Composting: Students examine real compost and its components using scientific methods
  • Plastic: What’s in our oceans and how to reduce your plastic footprint

Middle School

  • Sustainability and Consumption
  • Climate Change Math
  • Waste Math

High School

  • Easter Island: A lesson on sustainability and resources


  • Recycling in Spanish: Students learn about recycling in Spanish
  • Spanish Recycling Game: Vocabulary cards/sorting game in Spanish