Impacts of Back to School Supplies

The month of September, the time of year when all youth, ages 6-25, go back to school. However, along with this transition back to school comes a toll on our world’s resources. The consumer industry has romanticized back to school to convince us that this is also the time of year when kids need new clothes, new binders, notebooks, pencils, and pens. What many people don’t think of is how all of these products are plastic. So how do we do better and not fall for the consumerism trap?

Firstly, many school supplies can are reusable for multiple years. It is easy to empty a binder and use it year after year. Also, many teachers want students to have tabs in student’s binders. If you are willing to spend a little extra money to get the more durable plastic tabs, it’s easy to get two-plus years with the same set!

However, if there is still a different school supply that your student doesn’t have from previous years, check out Recycle Utah’s slightly used school supplies in the warehouse. This area is a student-run section for the community to donate and get school supplies for a fraction of the cost of typical supermarkets!