Green Halloween

Happy Halloween from all of us at Recycle Utah! As you’re getting ready for trick-or-treating and costume parties, try these tips to reduce the waste created by Halloween festivities:

1. Costumes: Instead of buying a new costume, make your own or purchase one from a secondhand store. Many new costumes contain toxic chemicals or are made from plastic. You can also have a costume swap with friends or repurpose items you already have.

2. Décor: Many Halloween decorations are made of plastic or non-recyclable materials. Decorate with secondhand items instead. You can also use locally grown pumpkins and gourds, which can be composted when you’re done with them. You can also make your own decorations by repurposing materials, like turning old stockings into spider webs.

3. Parties: Reduce party waste by avoiding plastic or paper plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. Use compostable or reusable items instead, and recycle any items that you can. Other ideas are to send electronic invitations instead of paper ones, and buying locally grown food for your party when possible.

4. Candy: Small, individually wrapped candy given out to trick-or- treaters creates a large amount of waste. These small, metallic wrappers are not recyclable, which means that they’ll all end up in the landfill. Choose candy packaged in more sustainable materials or give out candy alternatives instead.

Make sure to bring all of your recyclable holiday waste to Recycle Utah after celebrating. Wishing you a safe and green Halloween!