Green Business: Train Your Staff

Train your Staff

Sustainability is a Team Effort

In order to make any efforts to recycle and cut down on waste effective, all employees need to know what to do, how to do it, and why. Don’t just assume everyone knows what to do. Show everyone where items go, how to sort if necessary, and say a few words about why your bothering to do it. If you’re initiating a new policy, make sure it’s clear and direct. If you’re ordering new sustainable products, show them off and explain how they’re different.

You might also conisder initiating a “green team” made up of staff members to help guide your sustainability quest. Rather than imposing a policy from the top down, this will include others in the process who may have valuable input. It can also create buy-in from your employees (or employers) and ultimately help change their behavior and habits.

It is absolutely necessary that everyone, including non-English speakers, are trained. If you have a bilingual staff, make sure that everyone understands the policies. Bring in a translator to do an in-house training if necessary, or set aside time to it yourself. Any efforts you make to be sustainable will be unproductive if others in the workplace are not participating.