Green Business: Tell Everyone

Tell Everyone

Go Ahead and Brag About It!

Don’t be shy about the efforts you are making to cut down on waste and your impact as a business.

You can be proud of the changes you are making to your business, and the changes your are making in your community. Businesses have a huge impact on waste and pollution in our world. Taking steps to decrease the impact of yours is commendable.

By showing off your green side, you are sending positive messages to your employees and your customers. It shows that you care about more than just your profits, even as a small business. It can also encourage your patrons and clients to do the same. Don’t ignore the power of branding. And know that many people in today’s world seek out businesses that make the extra effort.

  • Advertise your efforts on your menu, or your hotel welcome packets, on your sign, in your bathroom…wherever people will see it. Tell them what you’re doing. Tell them why.
  • Definitely advertise it on your website, facebook, twitter, pinterest, your email signature, and anywhere else you’re connected.
  • If you have the means, advertise through radio, newspaper, or tv ads. Let people know what’s new in your business.