Green Business: Stay Positive

Stay Positive

Don’t Be a Mean Green Machine

Thinking Earth isn’t second nature to everyone. Not every employee or customer is going to get it. Maybe they’ve never been told in an accessible way why it matters. Maybe they have and they feel it doesn’t apply to them. Maybe (gasp!) they just don’t care. Whatever the reason, you’re not going to reach them by making them feel bad or guilty about not bringing their own bag or recycling their to-go cup.

People respond to positive reinforcement better than to punishment. Don’t make people feel bad for their choices, make them feel good for making good choices. Help them learn and be patient. Behavior that results from guilt is not usually sustainable behavior, meaning it won’t last. Be firm in your convictions, but be kind to others who are still learning, and alas, accept that there may be those out there who are beyond help and let them go. Get the next one.