Green Business: Haulers and Drop-off Centers

Haulers and Drop-off Centers

Before you do anything, you have to decide where your recycled material is going and how it’s going to get there.

Hire a Hauler

Haulers collect, transport and unload materials (garbage or recyclables).  Some haulers transport only recyclables, while others do both. While sorting often alleviates food contamination issues, some haulers are able to provide ‘co-mingled’ programs.  Recycle Utah has created a list to the best of our knowledge of all commercial haulers and drop-off centers in Summit and Wasatch Counties.  Recycle Utah does not endorse any particular hauler.

1. Ace Disposal
(Based in West Valley, 200 employees, hauls Recycle & Trash mostly in Utah. Accepts most materials and will co-mingle)

2. Curb It Recycling
(435) 901-2568
(Small business based in Heber, hauls Recycle only in Summit and Wasatch counties & SLC. Accepts most materials and will co-mingle)

3. Dunn Recycling
(Based in Heber, 15 & 30 yd dumpsters for construction sites, but mostly a drop-off center for plastics, paper, metals, wood, cardboard, concrete/asphalt)

4. Good Earth Recycling
(435) 655-0272
(Based in Park City, three employees, hauls Recycle only in Summit County. Accepts most materials and requires separation)

5. Republic Recycling (formerly Allied Waste)
(Based in U.S, 30,000 employees, hauls Recycle & Trash in U.S. & Puerto Rico. Accepts most materials and will co-mingle)

6. Recycle Services of Utah
(Based in Heber, three employees, hauls residential in Wasatch County only. Accepts most materials and will co-mingle)

Drop it Off

You can also drop off materials at Recycle Utah’s recycling center in Park City. While we offer our services free of charge, this option will require more training and man-hours on behalf of your staff. You will also have to have a way to get the materials to us. Recycle Utah DOES NOT pick up recyclables.

We expect that every business who uses our center will understand and abide by our sorting system.

Please also remember that we are a non-profit, and that we survive on donations for our services. If your business is using our center, consider becoming a Bin Sponsor.

Please see our list of accepted materials, and call us for more information: 435-649-9698.