Green Business: Compost


Cut your waste by 1/3 with composting. Organic materials make up at least 30% of the garbage in our landfills. This is a huge source of valuable nutrients that is simply being wasted. All that compost requires is space and time.

  • Set up a large bin at your home if there isn’t room at your office. Collect fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc in a smaller container that you empty once a week.
  • If you have a high volume of food, consider investing in a larger, on-sight composting system.
  • Partner with a local farm that may want your raw materials, or look into the various commercial compost companies that may want your raw materials.
  • While it may not make financial sense to invest in a composting system or storage by yourself, by teaming up with other restaurants, businesses, and resorts around you, you can pool your resources and increase the draw for a commercial service.
  • Encourage your local government to create municipal composting.

To find out more about composting, attend one of our composting workshops, listed on our events calendar. Please feel free to contact us with questions: 435-649-9698.

For information on commercial composting in the area, contact:

Wild Harvest Farms at

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