Green Business: Bins and Location

Bins and Location

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247x169xbins.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UtHMbdc48jMake It Obvious and People Will Use It

  • In order to have a successful recycling set-up, you have to make it visible and accessible. Establish a consistent and well-marked recycling center within your workplace. If there isn’t an obvious place to recycle, people aren’t likely to do it.
  • Place clearly marked bins in visible places. Depending on your work environment, this might mean small bins under every desk, bins in every conference room, or a collection of bins in one centralized location.
  • If you deal with the public, do you want bins available to them, or are they just for the staff to see and use? If you want the public to recycle in your establishment, place bins near the door or in a highly visible area. Or, make it known that you recycle and offer to take a customer’s cup, bag, etc.
  • Do you want to have separate bins for each material, or one co-mingled bin that gets sorted later? Keep in mind that most pick-up services require that the material is sorted. Recycle Utah also requires sorting at the drop-off center. While it is easier and space-efficient to use one co-mingled bin, it will likely require one or more staff members to sort it on a regular basis.

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