Good Earth is Good For Park City

Good Earth Recycling is a custom recycle pick up service. Five years ago it changed hands and is now thriving as a three employee business collecting over 18 tons of recyclables in Summit County every month. Customer service is priority for businesses of all size in addition to private homes.

The owner was raised by a conscientious mother near a polluted Chesapeake Bay. Not only did she recycle everything possible, but she endlessly cleaned litter and found ways to save energy. The perfect segue into his career, his business accepts about everything including glass, plastic bags and electronic waste. Sorting is required, which assures recyclability.

The 20-foot trailer seen cruising down Main Street three times each week belongs to Good Earth. Chatting with customers is fun, claims the owner, but most gratifying is knowing he’s contributing to our earth as a father of two. Looking forward, Good Earth hopes to fine-tune transportation with route efficiency, prioritizing their higher MPG vehicles and personally biking and busing to their trucks more. Idling is not allowed by his staff and they are encouraged to also bike, carpool or take the bus to work.

While recycling can sometimes be challenging, Good Earth Recycling is committed with patience and integrity to changing habits with time. Our children’s future reminds them daily.

If your business, any type, is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698.


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