Eco-Friendly Summer Fun

Summer… the time when no matter your age we can all act a little younger, stay out a little later and everything seems a little brighter. Summer brings along a few classic American ideals: lemonade stands, water balloon fights, and summer parties. However, many of these summer classics have harmful impacts on our environment, but there are multiple ways to still have fun while taking care of our environment.

Water balloon fights, fun but harmful to the environment, all of the little pieces of broken balloon end up everywhere and can enter the ecosystem. Now there are reusable water balloons options, the most popular brand is called Water Bubble. Another option is using old sponges to make water bombs, which is a sponge pom-pom that kids can dunk in water to throw at their friends.

Balloons, streamers, and confetti are single-use decorations of the past. Try decorating your next party with reusable options like Christmas lights, paper lanterns, and banners that you can use year after year. Not only will it save you money and time but by using reusable party decorations you can help divert waste from the landfill and environment.

Presents. Everyone enjoys getting a party favor or birthday present however most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, it is only used for an average of 60 seconds and is usually torn to pieces during that time. Instead, try reusing old newspapers or get multiple uses of gift bags and tissue paper. Summer can still be filled with priceless memories with family and friends just in new eco-friendly ways.