100 Mile Meal Blog Series: Ducks and Clucks Homestead

This July, Recycle Utah invites you to celebrate Summit County’s local food, farms, and economy by joining us at our 100 Mile Meal. We will be getting back to our roots on a property in Oakley, Utah with live music, local wine and beer, and a five-course dinner menu featuring only ingredients sourced from farms within a 100-mile radius of the Recycling Center in Park City. The 100 Mile Meal will be a veritable banquet of good feeling, Summit County community, and mid-summer country charm, with the spotlight on food with a Utah story.

How often do you get to dine with the farmers who grew your food? Heck, how often do you even get to learn about the farmers who grew your food? The 100 Mile Meal will be an opportunity to do both. The “Do You Know Who Your Farmers Are” blog series is a chance to learn about the farms and farmers who have grown the food that will be featured on the 100 Mile Meal Menu.

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Do You Know Who Your Farmers Are: Ducks and Clucks Homestead

At Ducks and Clucks Homestead, located in Highland, Utah, permaculture is key to the farm’s mission. “Our birds are part of a holistic system that is being used to restore the health of the land we manage. We have a strong commitment to using permaculture principles in order to ensure the health of our land, our flock, our customers and our family,” says Kourtney Little, owner of Ducks and Clucks. Permaculture is a philosophy founded on working with, rather than against nature. It involves protracted and thoughtful observation of land and animals to best utilize all of their functions.


Ducks and Clucks Homestead is new to the farm world! Kourtney and Andrew Little started their chicken and duck flock in the early months of 2015. “After that first box of ducklings came home with us, I knew we were in trouble. Once the eggs started coming, we were hooked!” says Kourtney. And we can see why. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by cute duckling fluff all day long. When asked about the rewards of running a microfarm, the Littles said that witnessing the cycle of life on their tiny farm has been a delight. “Hand raising ducklings from hatchlings to mommas themselves has been an incredibly rewarding experience for both of us. Getting to know our customers and their families has also been amazing– we always look forward to egg pick up days so we can catch up with the lives of our newfound friends. When people tell us ‘These are the best eggs I’ve ever had’, or when customers drive hours to pick up eggs from us because they refuse to go anywhere else, we feel valued and know that what we do matters.”


The Littles refuse to compromise the quality of their product, or the health of their flock. This means that even though Ducks and Clucks Homestead has a waiting list for eggs, they choose to remain small. Ducks and Clucks Homestead eggs come from from pasture-raised chickens and ducks nourished by locally-sourced organic, non-GMO, soy-free and gluten free feed.

Their celebration of, and dedication to small agriculture is inspiring to us at Recycle Utah, and we are proud to feature Ducks and Clucks Homestead on the 100 Mile Meal menu. For an opportunity to speak with Kourtney Little about her farm philosophy, flock, and just what makes the eggs so delicious, join us at the 100 Mile Meal on July 23rd. Kourtney, along with other farmers will be in attendance at the 100 Mile Meal.


For more information about Ducks and Clucks Homestead, check out their Facebook page here.
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All photos courtesy of Ducks and Clucks Homestead.

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