Donate Your Car

Give your car a “green grave” and support Recycle Utah.

When you donate your car, it goes to Tear-A-Part Auto for de-manufacturing:

  • Hazardous fluids like oil, gas, antifreeze, and brake fluid are disposed of properly
  • Hazardous parts like mercury switches are removed
  • Good auto parts are made available for re-use
  • The majority is recycled as scrap metal

For every car donated to Recycle Utah, we receive a donation from Tear-A-Part Auto. You get the convenience of having the car removed free-of-charge and the knowledge that you supported us AND made good decision for the Earth.

How to Donate Your Car:

  1. Fill out this form and send/give it to us along with a COPY of the title.
  2. We will schedule a pick-up for you with Tear-A-Part.
  3. Leave the ORIGINAL title in the car for Tear-A-Part
  4. In most cases, you will be eligible for a tax deduction letter from Recycle Utah for the amount we recieve from Tear-A-Part.