Deer Valley Ski Resort Models Eco Integrity

ByMary Closser

Deer Valley Ski Resort has pledged to excellence in everything they do, from guest services to their devotion to our environment.

  • Waste: Numerous materials are recycled daily, and reduce is practiced with non-disposable dishes and cups, washable linens, and electronic waivers, press kits and paychecks to avoid paper. Food waste from the kitchen is composted and most paper products contain post-consumer content. 
  • Water: On-mountain lakes store water for snow-making reuse each year. Water consumption in kitchens is carefully monitored and customer glasses are only filled by request. Run-off water is tested often for chemicals and minerals and everything is laundered with eco-friendly detergents
  • Energy: Most lights are LED, high efficiency snowmaking guns and pumps are added yearly and snowcats and landscaping equipment are run on bio-diesel. The resort purchases renewable energy to offset electrical use. 
  • Transportation: Employees are provided with winter busses, carpooling for staff is encouraged and idling is discouraged.
  • Food: The chefs try to source local and sustainable food items. Coffee and chocolate are local and fair-trade, cheeses and meats are carefully chosen based on animal welfare and seafood providers are scrutinized for sustainable practices.
  • Education: All staff are trained on Deer Valley sustainability and the Children’s Center focuses on earth stewardship as a core value. 
  • Donations: Old uniforms are donated overseas and local non-profits benefit annually.

Deer Valley is clearly committed to our earth. Recycle Utah and our community thank you for being a model of environmental integrity.  If your business is interested in learning about Recycle Utah’s Green Business program, contact 435-649-9698 x13.

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