Cheers to Mother Earth!

Sustainability comes in all forms of daily life, including happy hour, backyard BBQ’s and celebrations. Even if you choose to celebrate from your couch or other comfy chair at home, here are a few tips on how to do so and reduce your environmental footprint.

Buy local! The easiest way to be sustainable with your drink of choice is to buy products from local breweries, distilleries and wineries. Your fridge and home bar can be stocked with all you need from these businesses located in Park City, Summit County and Utah abroad. Buying locally made spirits greatly cuts down the carbon footprint, as the shipping distance to your local liquor store is significantly reduced.

Choose better packaging. While glass bottles are recyclable, they are heavy, take up more space in your home recycling bin and require more amounts of cardboard packaging to make sure that the fragile bottles don’t break. Aluminum cans are much lighter than glass bottles which means that their carbon footprint when it comes to transport is a lot less. Aluminum cans are also able to be crushed so that the amount of space those cans take up at home is minimal compared to glass bottles. Along with the material that your beverages come in, try to be aware of the outer packaging. When buying your favorite 6-pack, avoid brands that have the plastic holders and purchase ones that come in a simple cardboard container. It’s more eco-friendly and avoiding plastics in our everyday lives is important.

By making small changes and better choices, we can all enjoy a drink and give a toast to our planet.