Alpine Apothecary Anything but Artificial



Alpine Apothecary is unique. This locally owned compounding pharmacy and nutrition shop custom designs medications from scratch for pain, allergies, skin, bio-identical hormones and more. Their natural formulas are free from artificial colors, flavors and toxins and are usually vegetarian. Their goal is to aid patients in becoming healthy inside and out!

Alpine Apothecary is not only dedicated to human (and animal) care, but also our environment. They consistently seek ways to save energy, water and reduce waste, especially plastic. They recycle everything possible at the curb, but also through special staff trips to Recycle Utah and local shipping stores for packaging material reuse. They encourage Rx vial reuse for refills, offer only paper bags to customers and work with vendors to avoid sending non-recyclable or unhealthy packaging materials such as acrylics, mixed-media or Styrofoam packaging. They have gone the extra step to educate their commercial neighbors about what can/cannot go into the dumpster to avoid contamination.

Lastly, knowing Utah’s water supply is precious, they prioritize water quality by transferring as little from the lab as possible down the drain. They use natural cleaners and are ingeniously working on a bio-remediation project for drug waste using mushroom cultures. If successful, they hope to share their success with other compounding pharmacies worldwide!

Thank you, Alpine Apothecary, for your commitment to sustainability and our environment.

Check out our website for more information on our Green Business Program.