2017 100 Mile Meal Producer Feature: Alpine Distilling

This August 12, Recycle Utah invites you to celebrate Summit County’s local food, farms, and economy by joining us at our 2nd Annual 100 Mile Meal. We will be getting back to our roots on a private ranch in Oakley with live music, local wine and beer, and a five-course dinner menu featuring only ingredients sourced from farms within a 100-mile radius of the Recycling Center in Park City. The 100 Mile Meal will be a veritable banquet of good feeling, Summit County community, and mid-summer country charm, with the spotlight on food with a Utah story.

To reserve tickets to the 100 Mile Meal, click here.

Alpine Distilling was founded by Rob Sergent in 2015. This Park City-based distillery crafts spirits that reflect this community’s values. They are inspired by Park City’s natural environmental, outdoor pursuits, and healthy lifestyle. They use ingredients like primrose and artemisia that are cultivated locally. Beyond that, they also strive to support local nonprofits that support wellness, healthy, and environmental responsibility, including Recycle Utah. 

Alpine Distilling chose their facility based on their water supply, which helps to make superior spirits. All of their water comes from an under-mountain aquifer in Summit County, which is separate from the city supply. This water is high in minerals and iron. Their equipment softens the water creating a natural crisp that some describe as slightly sweet and smoky. 

Alpine Distilling is new to the 100 Mile Meal this year and their spirits will be featured in signature cocktails at the event. Join us for the 100 Mile Meal on August 12 to try their vodka and whiskey for yourself! Learn more at alpinedistilling.com.

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