Zest For Zero: Riverhorse On Main

Riverhorse originated over 20 years ago but, was purchased by Seth Adams, co-owner and chef in 2011. The restaurant joined the Green Business program in December 2017 with the following goals to date:

  1. Expand recycling program to recycle 90% of all paper products
  2. Switch all plastic straws to compostable to reduce plastic dependence and eliminate Kuerig pods and replace with coffee beans
  3. Change the ‘In-Time’ for most front of house staff to allow for easier carpooling and reduce the number of vehicles taken to work by 50%. They encourage staff to bus, bike or carpool.

Riverhorse has consistently looked for what next with sustainable actions. They compost almost 200 lbs/week, use only compostable products at their Provision’s deli and have switched most lights to LED. In 2019 they hope to build an extensive covered recycled area out back with the intent to further expand commodity collection and hopefully share with neighboring businesses.

Additional comments from Riverhorse:

We have become more mindful of our environmental impact by changing our waste, energy, transportation policies and more. We have many eco-friendly ideas, one being to source more product closer to home.  We want to create a buzz and get staff, locals and tourists passionate about PC’s sustainability goals.

We divert over 1,000lbs of trash weekly (30 tons/year) from the landfill including compost, glass, paper and metals. Through a few small changes, we have been able to consistently reduce and reuse paper products before recycling and also purchase recycled content printer paper. We now use tap wine which saves roughly 125 bottles of wine for every keg. Also, we save over 4,000 espresso pods/year by now using beans. In the summer of 2019 we’ll use bottled water from Spring City, UT and return them for sanitation and reuse.