Yuck – I don’t want to drink that!

Last Saturday was our Household Hazardous Collection Event held at the Canyon’s Parking Lot.  An event that the whole community looks forward too because:

1. they get to dispose of their toxic waste that piles up in their garage all summer

2. to participate in a community responsibility, protecting the environment


Responsibility?  That’s right.  It is imperative to keep toxic waste (such as: paints, fertilizers, cleaners, batteries, electronics, medication, etc.) out of the landfill.  Such hazardous items often contain dangerous chemicals like mercury and lead.  When these chemicals go to the landfill, they are absorbs into the soil and eventually groundwater.  Well… who eventually drinks the groundwater?  It is our responsibility to keep the quality of our groundwater clean so it does not haunt us in our aquifers and streams.

If you happened to miss this last collection event, you can properly dispose of your hazardous waste at the Summit County Landfill: 435.336.5297.


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