Turn Your Cooking Oil into Biodiesel

Did you know that used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel? If you plan on deep-frying your turkey for Thanksgiving this year, drop off the used cooking oil at Recycle Utah’s center instead of pouring it down the drain. Here are some facts about recycling cooking oil you might not know:

  • Less Emissions: Biodiesel increases energy security, improves air quality, and provides safety benefits, according to the US Department of Energy. When you bring your cooking oil to be recycled, you are helping to decrease greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Don’t Mix: When recycling cooking oil, never mix it with motor oil. Mixing them together makes recycling impossible. Used motor oil can be brought to Mercer Automotive or Burt Brothers Tire & Service instead.
  • Avoid Clogs: Never pour oils down the drain. Cooking oil and kitchen grease in plumbing is the number one cause of stopped up sewer pipes. In addition, grease slows down the process of biodegradation at the sewer treatment plant. For more information, visit sbwrd.org.
  • Save the Landfill: Oils also shouldn’t be thrown in your trash. When cooking oil is sent to the landfill, it can never be reused and takes up precious space.

To get started, find a reusable container to collect all of your cooking oils, fats, and greases. When it’s full, bring it to Recycle Utah! All oils should be pourable. Both animal and plant oils are accepted – everything from bacon grease to sunflower oil.