Treasure Mountain Inn Supports Sustainability

Treasure Mountain Inn Supports Recycle Utah’s EPS Styrofoam Recycling Program

Recycling EPS Packaging Styrofoam is hard, but thanks to Recycle Utah and Treasure Mountain Inn, it is not impossible.

EPS is one of the most expensive commodities Recycle Utah accepts and processes on site. When their processing machine breaks, like it did this late winter and early spring, the strain it puts on Recycle Utah is felt throughout Park City. And, the long term impacts of not recycling EPS could affect generations to come. EPS foam does not biodegrade. Instead it breaks into small white beads, enters soil and groundwater and eventually harms fish, wildlife and our entire ecosystem.

Treasure Mountain Inn has been committed to supporting Park City non-profits since 2004. This year, after hearing about the ongoing challenges Recycle Utah was facing with EPS recycling, Lespri, Treasure Mountain Inn’s on-site management company, knew exactly where the annual contribution should be donated.

Nationally only 10-12% of EPS is recycled. To ensure that Recycle Utah stays above the national average, Treasure Mountain has committed to a $10,000 bin sponsorship for the EPS Styrofoam recycling program.

“We wanted to solve a problem in the community with the 2018 Treasure Mountain donation,” explains Pat Quigley Managing Partner and General Manager at Lespri. “This donation to Recycle Utah to support EPS recycling makes a difference in the Park City community and directly supports Recycle Utah in their mission to empower people to lead sustainable lives. We are proud to support these efforts.”

The amount of shipping and packaging materials is growing at an alarming rate. In 2017 Recycle Utah accepted, handled and densified 14,520 lbs of EPS. That amount of EPS would fill up eight hot air balloons before it was densified. Recycle Utah is one of only two public drop off locations in the state that takes EPS Styrofoam, and the program is growing at an average rate of 15% annually.

Remember, EPS can never go in your curbside bin. Thanks to donors and sponsors like Treasure Mountain Inn, Recycle Utah can process all of your packaging EPS material. Food containers and cups are not recyclable in Summit County and must be thrown away.

If you are a business interested in our bin sponsorship program please reach out to Haley Lebsack at

About Recycle Utah – The Park City Conservation Association dba Recycle Utah is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that has served residents of Summit County since 1991. Our mission is to empower people to lead sustainable lives through education, events, workshops, and our recycling center. For more information, contact Recycle Utah at 435-649-9698 or visit

 About Treasure Mountain Inn – Treasure Mountain Inn is a condominium hotel located on Park City, Utah’s Historic Main Street. Treasure Mountain Inn proudly operates 100% carbon neutral and affectionately refers to itself as an “eco-tique” hotel. Treasure Mountain Inn is managed by Lespri Resort Property Management. 

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