The Humble Lightbulb

You want to enhance energy efficiency in your home this winter and reduce your power bills. Where to start? According to CNN’s Climate Change quiz (google it), changing your bulbs to LED is an obvious action. In fact, the amount of coal burned decreases by up to 80% from incandescent to LED.

The light bulb revolution in the U.S. over the last decade has favorably resulted in declined energy use by American households. However, according to Department of Energy data, almost one half of all screw-in sockets of U.S. homes have yet to be transitioned to LED from incandescent or Halogen bulbs. If everyone changed these at once, we’d save an estimated 38 million tons of carbon emissions a year in addition to saving $14 billion in lighting costs – and this is only residential! At last, the humble light bulb is finding it’s place.

LED’s are more expensive than traditional bulbs, but costs are decreasing as technology improves. In addition to using significantly less energy, they also last longer – up to 25 years, whereas an incandescent lasts an average of one year. So, it’s true that solar and wind, electric cars and highly insulated homes and efficient appliances get a lot of attention, with reason. But, a very simple, low-cost and ultra-efficient action is out the door to your nearest hardware store. Go now, check your bulbs and replace every one of them!