Sustainable Spring Break

With spring right around the corner, it’s inevitable that we will be
taking ourselves and our families on trips to warmer destinations. We
all want to be sustainable and green in our lives and we can also do
so while on vacation and travelling.

Be a sustainable tourist: If you are traveling, buy locally sourced
food for a more sustainable meal and support local business. Keep an
eye out for local markets and don’t forget to bring a reusable bag.
Clean up after yourself: Beach pollution is a large problem during
spring break and can have a lasting impact on the environment. Make
sure to clean up your trash and leave only your footprints on the
beach or anywhere else you travel.
Consider alternative transportation: Instead of driving or taking a
taxi or rideshare, consider walking or biking. Look for places to rent
bikes and enjoy the fresh air instead of sitting in a car. This
can be a great option to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the
local scenery.
Consider an alternative spring break: If you haven’t already planned
your spring break, an alternative spring break is a great option for
helping your community and being more sustainable. Volunteer with
local organizations like Recycle Utah and make a difference during your time off.

All of these travel ideas will reduce your carbon footprint and help
you to have the most sustainable vacation possible.