Sustainable Slopes

We all love our winter playground and it’s time to show it some love and respect. Everyone can take part in making sure that we have a sustainable future with winter sports and our environment all around. Small and simple changes can have the biggest impact and are easy to do.

Getting the most out of your gear is a great way to start. Instead of upgrading your jackets, gloves and other clothing, use it for many seasons. It will still be in fashion and you will continue to look good on the slopes. If and when you upgrade your clothing or gear, make sure to donate or resell so that it stays in use and out of the landfill. One persons out of style gear is another’s treasure.

Choose an eco-friendly wax for your board or skis. Waxes are essential for us to glide and ride on the snow but some can have harmful chemicals which get into the snow and waterways. Try to avoid waxes with PFC’s (perofluorochemicals), as these can be toxic to local vegetation, wildlife and our own health.

Another great option is to cut your carbon footprint with transportation. We all know how limited parking is at the mountain and carpooling or taking public transportation will save emissions and also save you time and money. Utilize the bus or other ride share programs and avoid the traffic and chaos that can come with a powder day.

It’s our responsibility to protect the places we play and we all have the power to do so. Think sustainably next time you head up to the mountain so that we can keep enjoying this amazing place we live in.