Sustainable Construction

By Bev Harrison-Recycle Utah Volunteer

There is so much lumber and other construction material that goes into our landfill. At Recycle Utah, there is a Good Wood program to take reusable building materials to be reused and sold in the Warehouse. Doing this is a much better option than indiscriminately throwing it in your trash can or driving it all the way out to the landfill, where 700 tons of materials ends up each year; some of it perfectly reusable. At the Recycle Utah Center, you can find out exactly what material they will accept for reuse and resell.

At the Warehouse people can find super practical things like housewares, light fixtures, cabinets, doors, all kinds of hardware and other household items. Their purchases often inspire me to cruise the Warehouse and find a deal for myself. I’m especially drawn to dishes and glassware since I manage to break so much of this stuff at home. Using different patterned glasses makes it easy to find which one is yours on the counter.

One of my favorite shopping success stories was that of a couple who came in and told me they were adding a room to their house using all recycled materials. They were ecstatic to find a high quality wood-framed sliding glass door, a couple framed windows and a heavy wood door that saved them hundreds of dollars. The other day a regular (smart) warehouse shopper came in looking for something she could use to add to a downspout under the snow that would divert melted snow water away from flowing under her garage door. It didn’t take her long to find a suitable piece of 4” plastic tubing for a buck; and very importantly, she avoided a trip to Home Depot.

Stop by the Warehouse and find some treasures you need—or maybe, can use–if you’re a little creative. You can also donate items to Recycle Utah to be sold in the Warehouse after checking with the staff to see if it can be accepted.