Stay at Home Sustainability

While we are at home doing our part to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we can easily practice the sustainable 3 R’s.

Reduce. We are staying at home more; we’re shopping less. Are you struck by the fact that you don’t need as much stuff as you bought and brought into your home before COVID-19, when we shopped whenever and wherever we wanted? When you food shop, are you buying for several days in order to stay home and reduce the number of driving trips to the grocery store?

How many of us are washing our hands frequently for a longer than normal 20 seconds? We can reduce the amount of warm water running down the drain by turning off the faucet while we lather and scrub. Normal (untimed) hand washing while running the water an average of 6 times daily, uses 3.3 gallons per person per day.

Reuse. We are staying at home to work, educate our children, exercise and play. Don’t forget to have everyone in the family reuse all they can. This is also a good time to repair and repurpose things on or headed for your To Do list. Perfectly fine clothing can be worn by anyone. Good condition household items and furniture can be enjoyed by others. Shop second-hand and donate these items. Recycle. Last year, our community took 1,856 TONS of recyclable materials to Recycle Utah. By doing this, we kept a lot of our glass, metal, styrofoam, plastic, paper, and cardboard waste out of the county’s landfill. Take the extra time to get your recyclables clean, sorted and ready for a quick drop off at the Recycling Center and in your curbside bin while staying at home.