Show Mom and Mother Earth Your Love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you probably forgot about it. Your mom never forgot to take you to baseball practice and she definitely never forgot about that lovely picture you painted in 3rd grade.  So show your mom the love she deserves and treat her to an awesome day this year.  And of course, don’t forget your other mother—Mother Earth!

  • Greener gift ideas! Make her a heartfelt card from reused or recycled paper. Nothing says you appreciate your mom more than a gift that you put your time and energy into making. So give her a homemade gift! This drastically reduces the amount of resources that go into the production of new products. Buy her organic flowers—mom love flowers!
  • Got yourself one of them hip, outdoorsy moms? Take her outside! Go for a hike or a little camping trip. Take your mom mountain biking or rock climbing!  The weather is warming up quick so get out there and enjoy the sun!
  • Give back to both! Does your mom already care a lot about the environment? Perfect! If not, show her the way! There are plenty of ways you can give back to Mother Earth while you’re celebrating Mother’s Day. Plant a tree with your mom! You’ll be able to watch it grow for years and years—it’s something neither of you will ever forget. “Adopt” an animal! There are plenty of organizations that will let you “adopt” an animal in need for a small price and you can do it in honor of your awesome mom!
  • Anything you do, make it personal and make it count. Moms are great and if not for them, you wouldn’t be here! Happy Mother’s Day!

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