Riding in Style and Being Green

Don’t think you’re taking it easy by riding an e-bike. Actually, you’re smart if you ride one. You’ve chosen an environmentally sustainable form of transportation and it’s much more fun than driving.  People worry first and foremost about running out of charge and getting stuck somewhere, especially given our mountainous community. Buying an e-bike that charges when you brake or coast will avoid this and if the bike has a throttle, you can give it a hit of power to start you off, or once you’re moving, a quick power boost so you don’t have to increase the pedal assist. If you buy a bike with a removable battery, you can take it off the bike and charge it anywhere. There are also mountain, mini, and cargo models.

Prices vary a lot. There are many brands and more coming out all the time. You can buy an e-bike from one of our many local bike shops and keep it local. Think sustainably and keeping your dollars in Summit County. There are so many benefits of riding an e-bike! As you travel, you can enjoy the views, the quiet, and the fresh air. You can ride fast without getting breathless and sweaty. You can get to Main Street quickly on a bike and not have to find and pay for parking.For those of you who think you can’t ride a bike anymore, you can. For people with some kinds of injuries and disabilities, riding an e-bike may be entirely possible. If you haven’t done so already, get on one  and do some errands, go to work, make deliveries or just ride anywhere you want.

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