Re-Think Your Paper

It’s tough times for global forests right now between threat of wildfires and pest infestation. Whether the forest is boreal (colder climates) or tropical (warmer climates), both serve as giant reservoirs for carbon dioxide storage not to mention the home for thousands of plant and animal species.  Scientists once believed that older trees stopped absorbing carbon as they aged but theories have changed. Older trees are now thought to absorb carbon until the end.

Deforestation occurs all over the world including northern Canada, reputable for its good forest management. Trees are logged and replanted. However, newer research questions replacing a mature tree with a young tree since it takes up to ten years to sequester carbon – the tree simply isn’t big enough.

So how can we as consumers help? Research the products you are buying that come from trees and forests to make sure that they are as eco-friendly as possible. Where did they come from? Finally, re-think your paper products. Do you truly need that paper towel, tissue or single-use paper item? While toilet paper is a necessity it can purchased from post-consumer recycled content along with copy paper and other paper products.

We badly need our mature forests and the sooner we enhance awareness by decreasing the demand for products and foods that rely on their destruction, the sooner we can board a revival path for our future generations.