We Can All Make a Difference

By David Nicholas

On Saturday, May 12th Recycle Utah will sponsor their spring Park City cleanup event. This provides an opportunity for all of us to give back to our town by picking up trash discarded by thoughtless others.

Years ago, during high school, I worked as a cashier at the local A&P. Dominic, the store manager, instilled in all of us the importance of first impressions and making a difference. Every day “newbies” were dispatched to clean up the parking lot and surrounding areas. Dominic’s life lesson to us – a person’s first impressions of the store begins when the customer exits their car. A clean environment conveys pride. Before being dispatched, rain or shine with our pick-up sticks Dominic would state the obvious “the trash won’t pick itself up.” We learned that we could make a difference by being responsible for our own actions and taking pride in our community.

We live in a beautiful place, especially in winter when a blanket of snow covers Park City. However, that blanket conceals the boorish behavior of those who disrespect our town and our environment by littering. The annual passage from winter to spring reveals these transgressions. Take a look around, most every part of our town is such desecrated.

For me – I harken back to Dominic’s exhortations – we can all make a difference.   Let’s rally together to ensure first impressions of Park City are favorable ones.

Join us at the bandstand in City Park at 9am on Saturday 5/12 to help make Park City a cleaner and greener town. Or, take action on your own and pick up trash you see along your daily walk or bike route.

Recycle Utah, a community nonprofit and drop-off recycling center, provides these weekly tips. Visit recycleutah.org for more information.

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