Mountain Flower Apparel Is Eco-Ingenuity

By Mary Closser

It’s important to buy local. The transportation costs and extracted fossil fuels required to ship a t-shirt from China or India to your PC abode can surrender to the wisdom and sustainability of any local choice. Mountain Flower Apparel, located in Park City, sincerely understands this and embraces this ethic in everything they do from cradle to grave.

First, all screen printed apparel is made from water-based ink. All apparel and bags are free of ozone depleting chemicals or solvents. Their state-of-the-art water filtration system saves water and chemicals, cleaning supplies are eco-friendly, and print projects are carefully sourced and combined to conserve gas and electricity. Billing is paperless, and shipping often occurs in used cardboard boxes. If the recipient address is within 10 miles on a warm day, it might even be delivered via bicycle or bus!

Moving forward, Mountain Flower Apparel will print many products with reusable content including plastic bottles. Their newly partnered apparel line, Allmade Apparel, sources garments from organic and recycled materials sewn in Haiti providing dignified and living wages. Finally, a portion of all Mountain Flower Apparel proceeds gets returned to numerous non-profits in the Park City area.

The primary focus of Mountain Flower Apparel is sustainability. Yes, their apparel and accessories are comfortable and stylish from the outside, but also tenderly nurtured with the earth and community in mind to manufacture and deliver the final product to the doorstep. I’m continuously impressed by the eco-ingenuity of this blossoming business.

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