Make Laundry a More Eco-Friendly Task

Who said doing the mundane job of laundry couldn’t get a little greener? Change up a few of your clothes cleaning habits to embrace a more environmentally friendly routine!

–   Washing your clothes in cooler temperatures  not only cuts costs, but shrinks your carbon footprint, and saves three and half times more energy than washing your loads in warm or hot water.

– If possible, take advantage of hang drying your clothes in or outdoors while they’re still a little damp. Cut back on ironing and save energy!

–  Waiting until you have one full load of laundry (but not too full) and washing, is more energy efficient than washing two smaller separate loads.

–  However, if you find yourself with a little extra room in a smaller drying load, Lowe’ offers a tip that can reduce drying time by as much as 25%!  Try throwing in a clean, dry towel and it will help absorb extra moisture and decrease drying time.

– Check to make sure you’re utilizing the appropriate settings on your dryer for different clothes. The delicate and permanent press setting protects lighter fabrics and won’t expose them to high heat, or longer drying cycles.

–  Cut a fabric softener sheet in half and conserve a little more cash!

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