Lucky One’s Coffee Models Sustainability

Lucky One’s Coffee has become a community gem. The owners saw a need to change the statistic that 70% of individuals with disabilities are unemployed and they acted to change this in Park City. Beyond their mission to employ and empower individuals with disabilities, behind the scenes, Lucky One’s also strives to model sustainability for their staff and customers.

Their desire is to create a small footprint and they’re learning of the numerous ways to do this. While Reduce is the ultimate goal, their recycle program continues to expand with more materials and better signage. They compost and use only LED bulbs. They incentivize staff to use public transit, ride share, walk and bike and recently are prioritizing the purchase of local foods and beverages. Lucky One’s cleans green and they are starting to celebrate their eco-successes overall by communicating more with their staff and customers as to how and why they do this.

Lucky One’s Coffee may be a newcomer in the area but they have presented themselves with a splash. They not only understand their impact on creating opportunity and changing the way people see other people, but they are also grasping the impact on our earth that businesses and individuals can create. It has been refreshing to see them evolve. Thank you Lucky One’s for all you do for our community!

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