Green Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family, but can also be detrimental to our environment if you don’t plan accordingly. Here are some tips to make your holiday more eco-friendly:

1. Shop Smart: When buying food for the holiday, choose local and organic items when possible. This reduces how far the food had to travel, and keeps harmful chemicals out of your food and the environment. Choose products that have recyclable packaging or minimal packaging to reduce the waste from your holiday meal.

2. Travel Wisely: If you will be traveling this year, turn your thermostat down and unplug all your electronics before you go. Consider carpooling to locations if you are driving or host Thanksgiving at a central location for family and friends to limit traveling.

3. Portions Matter: Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, but make sure you’re thinking about how much food is actually needed. Reducing your portions might leave you without leftovers, but it also ensures that those leftovers aren’t headed to the landfill.

4. Simply Recycle: Don’t forget during these busy times to separate out all recyclable materials. This means keeping a bin for your curbside recycling and a bin for things to bring to Recycle Utah. Every little bit counts! Don’t forget, plastic bags, glass and Styrofoam can never go in your curbside bin.

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