Green up Gift Giving

This time of year we celebrate by gift giving. Our tradition creates a lot of love and a lot of waste. But, it is possible to share the love without sharing the waster. Here are a few ways to cut back on the waste without cutting back on the celebration.

Shop local. Selecting local gifts reduces the energy needed for transportation and decreases the involved packaging, reducing the gift’s overall carbon foot print. Looking for good businesses to support? Check out our list of Green Businesses.  Or Check out all the great, reused items in our warehouse.

Homemade from the Heart. Are your friends always requesting your pumpkin bread or complementing your crafts? Give them an irreplaceable, unique gift made by you.

Gift Cards. Take the guess work out of the gifting. Grab a gift card to their favorite restaurant, such as Twisted Fern, or local shop. Gift cards create minimum waste and never need to be returned.

The present of presence.  Studies show that experiences increase our happiness more than things, and a memory will last longer than a new phone. Gift an adventure from White Pine Touring or treat your family to tickets at Deer Valley.

Make a list and check it twice. Just like Santa, list out who you are shopping for and what you’re buying to help plan your route ahead of time. Being prepare will reduce your carbon footprint and save you time during this hectic season. Don’t forget to check the list twice!

Paper is passé. Paper gift wrap is so last year. Get creative and your gift will stand out. Use recycled fabric, newspaper or a paper bag. Stop by Recycle Utah to check out what we have in the warehouse for creative ways to wrap.

A new meaning to Boxing Day. If you find yourself with extra packaging, bring what is recyclable to Recycle Utah. We accept 45 types of items for Recycling.

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