Green Business: Compost


Cut your waste by 1/3 with composting. Organic materials make up at least 30% of the garbage in our landfills. This is a huge source of valuable nutrients that is simply being wasted. All that compost requires is space and time.

  • Set up a large bin at your home if there isn’t room at your office. Collect fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc in a smaller container that you empty once a week.
  • If you have a high volume of food, consider investing in a larger, on-sight composting system.
  • Partner with a local farm that may want your raw materials, or look into the various commercial compost companies that may want your raw materials. Ecoscraps is one example.
  • While it may not make financial sense to invest in a composting system or storage by yourself, by teaming up with other restaurants, businesses, and resorts around you, you can pool your resources and increase the draw for a commercial service.
  • Encourage your local government to create municipal composting.

To find out more about composting, visit our composting page. Please feel free to contact us with questions: 435-649-9698.

For info. on commercial composting in the area, contact:

Park City Compost, LLC, (435) 200-5730,

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