Green Business of the Year: Christian Center of Park City

CCPC is a 501c(3) which originated over a decade ago as a community resource center. CCPC joined the GB program in November 2016 with the following goals to align with their new construction:

1. Textile, soft goods & electronics recycling development

2. New building design as ‘green’ and efficient as possible (water and energy reduction including natural daylight and solar)

3. Use 75% green cleaning supplies & paper goods with recycled content

Waste has been CCPC’s primary focus, and they’ve worked hard to separate materials, educate staff and the public about recycling.  They recycle all outdated electronic waste, metals, plastics, cardboard and paper and textiles through Big Brothers/Sisters and brokers. Reusable shopping bags have been ordered in preparation for a 2019 goal that includes a total reduce, reuse, and recycle approach to plastic and paper bags.

Comments from CCPC:

A primary goal for CCPC has involved textile waste. We send roughly 4,000lbs of excess clothing and textiles to 3rd world countries every week. Additionally, we designed a concrete plan for 2018 to contend with numerous other donation byproducts: 

Q1 – Institute protections for single-stream recycling from contamination

Q2 – Control volume and content of waste bins, including messaging and new summer policy to reduce incoming waste.

Q3 – Institute metal recycling process

Q4 – Institute recycle process for hard plastics, cables, ink, CD’s and cases, batteries, etc.

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