Gas Powered Leaf Blowers and the Air We Breathe

Park City’s clean streets, beautiful yards and gardens are all something to celebrate!  How we go about tending to these is something to be explored.

There is no getting around it – gas powered leaf blowers do an excellent job keeping our lawns and garden edges clean. However, the upsides may not be worth the downsides.  Leaf blowers that run on fossil fuels are more than a nap-ending nuisance – they negatively impact our air quality.

Second-hand noise pollution is an inconvenience we’ve all known and might be more likely to grudgingly tolerate.  Second-hand air pollution, however, is something to take more seriously.  There is no denying that gas powered leaf blowers harm the air we breathe.  Emissions and particulates put out by gas powered leaf blowers are complimented with harmful debris and fine particles kicked up from the ground.  Leaf blowers are powerful enough to serve as miniature tornadoes, quickly setting harmful pollutants airborne.  Pathogens, herbicides and pesticides, fungus spores and ground pollution from cars all enter the air we breathe.

If opting for a little more DIY exercise with a rake is simply not an option, the next best bet is to invest in electric garden tools and a nice long extension cord.  Lastly, leaves are a gardener’s gold!  Leaves are excellent carbon for mulching and composting to make for healthy soils and gardens.  Reach out to Mary Closser at Recycle Utah if you’d like to learn more about backyard composting.