Gallery Mar Supports 100 Mile Meal

100 Mile Meal brings together local farmers, purveyors and chefs to create a truly magical evening. Recycle Utah is grateful to have sponsors who enjoy this event as much as we do. We asked Gallery Mar owner, Maren Mullin to share with us why she loves 100 Mile Meal

A. Why does Gallery Mar support 100 Mile Meal?
It’s the one night when Recycle Utah gets a little glam — and I love glam! The important work that Recycle Utah does throughout the year is celebrated by our community and partners, all during a beautiful night with incredible food. You can almost taste the generosity.

B. Why do you eat local? 
Can I say that it is always more delicious? Just did. Yes, I relish the fact that local (and vegetarian!) food has a smaller carbon imprint than bringing a kiwi in from New Zealand… but a fresh and local fruit (hello, peaches!) is just

C. What has been your favorite dish in the past at 100 Mile Meal? The salads are always beyond delicious, and I think the purveyors are especially proud of their fresh appetizers. I also love the craft cocktails, and a savory meat entree. So I think it’s every course!