Earth Day Every Day

Recycle Utah wants all of us to celebrate Earth Day, every day during April. While we’re all home from work or school, let’s get outside and clean up our community. We encourage you to #PickupParkCity by collecting trash along our roads, at our parks and in our neighborhoods.

Everyone can get out, practice our social distancing and be stewards for the environment during this time. With the snow melting away, the amount of trash and debris along our roads is starting to show and it’s time to do our part and clean it up. Let’s be an example for every other community to follow and continue to keep Park City and Summit County the beautiful place it is.

You can also do your part to help our planet by using your curbside bins correctly. There are many items that should never go in the curbside recycling bin, including glass, Styrofoam and any type of soft plastic or plastic bag. These items contaminate the entire bin and unfortunately everything will be sent to the landfill, including the items that can be recycled. A good rule is, if you’re not sure about a material, don’t put it in the recycling and check with Recycle Utah or Republic Services first. Our community is already amazing with sorting and separating at our Center and we have the ability to do this at home.