Do it Yourself, including food!

The COVID crisis is inviting us to be more self-sufficient, like our ancestors. If desired, we can sew our own clothes, fix our own equipment, cut our own hair and paint our own nails. Another option is to grow our own food. And don’t fret, if you don’t have garden space, we are fortunate in Summit County to still have options.

There is immense satisfaction in growing your own produce and kids love it too. Start by selecting your veggies (and fruits) and buy seeds. Soil preparation is critical but recent research suggests to not till it since soil sequesters carbon – tilling will release stored carbon into the atmosphere. Add compost (homemade if possible) to your soil, mix in and plot your garden. Get creative but be smart. Avoid planting larger plants next to small ones and space the carrot seeds appropriately! Be prepared for frosts and pests – chicken wire and frost cloth may come in handy. The Park city growing season is said to be Father’s Day to Labor Day for the more sensitive veggies.

Raised beds are ideal and pots of herbs and tomatoes on the deck are fun, too. If you don’t have access to garden space, try a Tower garden. Community Garden plots are also starting to sprout around town for nominal fees. Lastly, if gardening is just not your thing, join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or buy local produce from local farmer markets. Self-sufficiency is becoming more appealing and growing your own food simply can’t be beat.

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